Each participating company starts from its own personalised fill-in form in which they can complete the climate and crop parameters on a weekly basis. Every Monday, the fill-in forms are collected back via e-mail by Research Centre Hoogstraten. We then processes the data into a weekly report that is delivered back to all participating growers.

The report provides an overview of the parameters recorded by all growers. This makes it easy to start comparing. For red and yellow peppers, a graph also illustrates the setting peaks, which means that this report can also provide the impetus for harvest prognoses for the following weeks. Research centre Hoogstraten also has weather data for the past 40 years. The current year's radiation sums and temperatures can thus be compared with last year, the last 3 years and the last 40 years. Graphs give a nice picture of the evolution of the outdoor climate.

For more info, please contact Benedikte Van Heghe.

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