missie1Research Centre Hoogstraten has set its goal to improve local horticulture in all its forms and sizes and to contribute in the evolution through practical, demonstrative research and professional consultancy. The centre publicates and distributes obtained trial results to growers and professionals active in the specific cultures on study meetings, excursions and demonstration events. The duties of the center lie in different parts of agri- and horticulture and consist of:


  • Applying results of fundamental research in practical circumstances.
  • Investigating the possibilities of new techniques and growing methods, as well as improving the use of existing methods.
  • Contributing to a sustainable culture and production by improving different cultivations.
  • Studying the economical aspects of cultures and cultivation techniques to realize a more profitable situation at the professional companies.
  • Offering other suitable possibilities of using cultivation systems and contributing to the diversification on different types of companies.
  • Improving product quality.
  • Distributing the observations made and results drawn from the practical research.
  • Rendering professional consultancy in cultivation techniques and economical aspects.
  • Participating in the development of upcoming sectors like biological horticulture.
  • Advising and offering services and equipment to the collective of growers.
  • Publicating results of subsidized research to the entire sector.
  • Participating in sensibilisation, as mentioned by the flemish government to contribute to a more sustainable horticulture. 
  • Realising and carrying out a consultancy strategie and this, when relevant, in consideration with other research centres member of the same coördinative committee.

The centre completes all kinds of actions that fit directly or indirectly in succeeding to achieve its goals. The necessary and usefull services carried out by the centre are allowed, including profitable activities from which the winnings will contribute in realizing non-profitable goals.

The centre can own all means necessary to complete its activities. Participation and collaboration with other research groups and companies are allowed when usefull in completing the aimed goals.

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