• 9 Sep 2020: Geleid bezoek tomaat 9 september
  • 30 Sep 2020: Workshop 'Duurzaam aardbei telen: energie en gewasbescherming'
    Locatie: Proefcentrum Hoogstraten
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  • 14 Oct 2020: Workshop 'Opvang en hergebruik drain op trayvelden aardbei'
    Locatie: Proefcentrum Hoogstraten en demotelers
  • 15 Oct 2020: Uitnodiging studienamiddag ziekten en plagen 15 oktober 2020
    Locatie: PCH
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Research Centre Hoogstraten carries out other services besides the obtained knowledge of the practical research. This way the centre tries to be a direct contact for occurring problems, necessary analysis and material. For both the strawberry cultivations and the cultivation of tomato and pepper in glasshouses data is collected that will contribute in realising the optimal plant growth and achieving a profitable production phase.

Directly to the professional growers the research centre offers advice and support in a number of important decisions. Strawberry plant quality can be determined with flower bud analysis at the end of the plantproduction phase or in autumn when wishing to do a second culture in spring. In tomato and pepper the growth information is collected through crop registration and predictions of the prognosis of the harvest are being made. Research Centre Hoogstraten is also a distributor of plastic tunnels from the company Haygrove to be able to grow strawberries in the largest part of the year. 

Finally the centre owns a GEP-accreditation. Companies that want to be able to sell their products to the professional growers need to obtain an admission. Through GEP-trials carried out at the research centre the necessary data and results will be collected to get the recognised state and the possibility for use by the professional growers. 

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