The permanent conduction of new studies has allowed PCH to grow into a modern and high-performance research institution. Today, Research Centre Hoogstraten has the following research infrastructure at its premises in Meerle:

  • Glasshouse: 2,5 ha gros area:
    • 11.000 m² tomato research in 13 compartments
    • 5.400 m² bell pepper research in 7 compartments
    • 6.000 m² strawberry research in 13 compartments
  • Plastic greenhouse: 2.700 m² strawberry research in 3 compartments (Heuvel foil)
  • Table top: 700 m² Strawberry research (Mini-air)
  • Field-grown open air and tunnels: 1 ha available for strawberry research
  • Trayfield: 5.000 m² plant propagation strawberry research in 6 nursery beds


Visit Research Centre Hoogstraten with our digital tour.

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