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The website of Research Centre Hoogstraten npo, located at Voort 71, 2328 Meerle, company number 0407.592.020, uses cookies.

This cookie policy informs you about cookies: what cookies are used on the website of Research Centre Hoogstraten, how long are they stored, how does Research Centre Hoogstraten use information obtained by means of cookies and how you can manage cookies.

General information

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when a website is visited. They contain session data about your use of a website and can be used by that website for different purposes such as making your website visit as efficient as possible or to measure website activity.

We distinguish 2 main types of cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies (essential cookies) are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. This is why you cannot disable these cookies. Strictly necessary cookies save for example your language preferences, your login and registration data, etc.
  • Optional cookies (non-essential cookies) are all cookies that are not strictly necessary for the website to work properly, including:
    • Analytical cookies are used to gather visitor statistics and help website owners understand how visitors use their website. They collect information about how users surf on the website, for instance which pages are most frequently visited and for how long, and which links are clicked.

You can choose if you want to accept optional cookies or not. 


For the use of optional cookies we ask for your permission. You can choose whether or not to grant permission without your access to our website being denied. However, if you do not accept all cookies, your surfing experience may not be optimal.

You decide for which cookies you give your permission by means of the cookie banner that appears on the first visist to the website, or through the cookie setting below.

You may withdraw your consent at any time, by changing your cookie settings. You can also view previously stored cookies in your computer and remove if you wish via your browser settings. We recommend to do this if you have concerns about the use of certain cookies

Cookies that we use on our website and cookie settings

An overview of the cookies that we use on our website and how long they are stored on your computer is shown in the table below. 

In some cases, third parties may have acces to the cookies. This is referred to as "acces by third parties".

Type   Strictly necessary cookie (essential)
Purpose Remembers your preferences concerning cookie consent                                                    
Storage period 6 months
Acces by third parties?  No


Type Strictly necessary cookie (essential)
Purpose This cookie is used to manage your login session                                                                 
Storage period During your visit of the website (session).
Acces by third parties?  No
_ga; _gat_x; _gid
Type Optional cookie : analytical
Purpose This cookie is used to gather information about the use of our website                                
Storage period 2 years
Acces by third parties?  Yes; Google Analytics

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our use of cookies:


This cookie policy may be revised form time to time. You can find the latest version on our website:

Version: 7/11/2022

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Some cookies are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of our website and therefore can't be refused if you wish to visit this website. Other cookies are optional and are used to optimise your surfing experience. You can refuse these if you wish.

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