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In cooperation with Auction Hoogstraten, VITO Hoogstraten - Department Agri- and Horticurlture- Research Centre Hoogstraten stimulates the development of the horticulture in the region. The centre is active in research and consultancy in the different cultivation systems of strawberry (covered and open air cropping systems) and the culture of tomato and pepper in glasshouses.

Over ons1Roughly 160 trials in greenhouses and open air are being accomplished each year through a group of about 40 enthousiastic employees. The focus is being set on a number of themes like the research of new cultivars and selections, testing innovative cultivation techniques, the pursuit of a more durable cultivation,... More detailed information concerning the executed and still running trials you can find on other pages on this website.

Research is done in close correlation with the growers. Through working groups in the different cultures the growers are regularly updated with the most recent results and developments in the research programs. The groups have an active input in the selection of trial setups and research items. The Consultancy team is a perfect mean to spread obtained trial results among the growers.

Research results are published in the professional magazine 'Proeftuinnieuws'. This magazine publishes every two weeks, organized in several themes, the obtained evolutions and temporary results of the different Flemish research centres. A subscription to this magazine is included in the membership of Research Centre Hoogstraten. The membership of PCH also offers you a number of other advantages and services.

over ons2Research Center Hoogstraten is equipped with modern infrastructure. In 2010-2011 most of the glasshouses were completely rebuilt to make research possible in a reliable and acurate fashion. Anyone who wants to bring a visit to the centre should contact our administration office.

Furthermore the research centre delivers organized technical services to growers and horicultural companies. As a recognized patent holder of the strawberry cultivar Elsanta, mother material (quality SE2 and EE) can be ordered by the local strawberry growers. Through the strong partnership with the company Haygrove the research centre acts as a distributor of plastic tunnels towards the growers, adapted to several specific cultivation systems. To get a clear idea of the rendability of the different cultivations in the region, PCH also offers bookkeepping services to the growers.

Research Centre Hoogstraten delivers to the growers and horticultural companies in the region a series of objective cultivation information and research results. Please contact our administration office and/or our research teams to obtain more information or visit the centre after making an appointment to see the ongoing research.

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