Become a member of PCH... This will keep you abreast of the latest developments in research and keep you updated on current affairs. 

Our membership fees for 2023 are:

Belgium   € 125 excl. BTW
International Member of a flemish cooperation € 207 excl. BTW
  Other € 304 excl. BTW

If you want company-specific advice on a regular basis, you can also become a customer of our advisory service, which automatically makes you a member of Research Centre Hoogstraten.

Membership and access to extranet can be requested via the contact form. Please contact us for your customised extranet rate.

Through our membership you are offered the following:

  • Subscription to the professional journal Proeftuinnieuws (21 ex./year), delivered by mail
  • Personal login at with the extensive archive at your fingertips
  • Telephone assistance and cultivation advice
  • One company visit by Research Centre Hoogstraten on request
  • Access to the trials by appointment
  • As a grower, the opportunity to apply for positions in management bodies such as technical committee, working groups, etc.
  • Invitations to our activities
  • Possibility of extranet access (see below for more info)

Both membership fee and subscription to Proeftuinnieuws run from 1/1 to 31/12.

As a member of Research Centre Hoogstraten, you can access a crop on the exclusive section (extranet) of our website This exclusive section is opened after payment of a fee.

Via Extranet, you are kept up to date with recent developments within the research of strawberry, sweet pepper or tomato:

  • You can consult trial designs and striking results concerning variety research, cultivation techniques, fertilisation, substrates, crop protection,...
  • You have access to our annual reports
  • The latest results are published in a monthly newsletter (10 ex/year).

The Strawberry advisory service keeps its clients informed via extranet about:

  • Bi-weekly updates with current cultivation findings and recommendations
  • News flashes are sent in case of specific observations and alerts

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