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Research Centre Hoogstraten performs practical and demonstrative research in the cultures of strawberry, pepper and tomato. The research contains all aspects of the different cultures and is divided in several, for the cultures communal themes. Nowadays, within each theme important work is been done on sustainability. Trials in all themes can be executed with a GEP-accreditation.

Onderzoek1In variety trials promising, new selections and cultivars are tested in several trials in practical, modern circumstances.

Within cultivation technique different manipulations on the crop are being executed to optimize the culture. This concerns plant density, the use of alternative culture pots and the cutting within the crop, influencing plant growth,...

Innovative cultivation systems and technologies can improve the culture to achieve the optimal performance of the crop. Heating, lighting,... are placed in this section of the research program.

Against all kinds of diseases and pests alternative management methods are tested to prevent crop damage, nowadays there is a special interest for integrated pest management while considering all other necessary handlings in the culture.

The research centre is continuously trying to improve the fertilization of the crop, to provide nutrients in an optimal way to be able to grow the perfect crop. Fertilizing has to be done in such a way while respecting the rest values of the different nutritional elements in the soil, the substrate and the water. 

onderzoek2In the theme water the attention goes to the optimal use of this prescious resource. Mainly recuperiation through recirculation, decontamination and analysing rest values of nutrients and pesticides are intensively monitored and registered.

Limiting the use of gas, electricity, oil,... and implementing a more durable method in growing a crop are the  main topics in the research concerning energy. The search for optimal use of energy saving screens and realizing cultivations in clompletely closed greenhouses take place at Research Center Hoogstraten.

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