Research Centre Hoogstraten is a practice-oriented research centre in horticulture, with a strong specialisation in research and information within the cultivation of strawberries (under protection and in the open air) and the cultivation of tomatoes and peppers under glass. As an independent research institution, we work towards sustainable horticultural expansion and innovation through applied scientific and practice-oriented research and demonstration.
Research is driven by strong interaction and cooperation with growers, the wider sector and policy, and we respond to the challenges and opportunities within our sector. With a group of 45 enthusiastic employees, more than 150 trials are conducted every year. Dissiminating research results is one of our core tasks, which is why we provide individual and group advice to growers based on our knowledge and expertise.
Research Centre Hoogstraten is located in the middle of the horticultural area in the Noorderkempen, in the north of the province of Antwerp. Since its foundation in 1955, Research Centre Hoogstraten has played an active role in the development and expansion of horticulture in this region, together with Coƶperatie Hoogstraten and VITO Hoogstraten (Agriculture and Horticulture Department). Today, PCH is a leading and internationally recognised research centre.

Paprikateelt betonpad


Voorlichting trayveld

Crop advisory

Bassin PCH


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