• 30 Sep 2020: Workshop 'Duurzaam aardbei telen: energie en gewasbescherming'
    Locatie: Proefcentrum Hoogstraten
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  • 14 Oct 2020: Workshop 'Opvang en hergebruik drain op trayvelden aardbei'
    Locatie: Proefcentrum Hoogstraten en demotelers
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  • 15 Oct 2020: Uitnodiging studienamiddag ziekten en plagen 15 oktober 2020
    Locatie: PCH
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Plastic tunnels

Haygrove tunnels seriously lift yield of Class One production. Additionally, they insure the grower from exceptional weather events such as hail storms, unseasonal frosts or thunderstorms that destroy crops. Once protected, growers can also use the Haygrove Tunnels to bring crops early for higher prices or extend production later.

Haygrove has started the development of Tunnels nearly twenty years ago and test all the latest innovations on their own farms before they present them to the market. Haygrove and Research Centre Hoogstraten have since 2005 a partnership distributing the Haygrove Tunnels. So we look forward to working with you.

Haygrove Solo & Super Solo Series

Haygrove 4-Series Tunnels

Greenhouse Series

Research Centre Hoogstraten also sells spare parts as poly, rope, clips, clamps, containers, struts, tubes, hoops, … We can also deliver the materials for substrate table tops.(mini-tunnels/heating pipe/brackets,...). For more information, please do contact us.

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