• 30 Sep 2020: Workshop 'Duurzaam aardbei telen: energie en gewasbescherming'
    Locatie: Proefcentrum Hoogstraten
  • 14 Oct 2020: Workshop 'Opvang en hergebruik drain op trayvelden aardbei'
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Flower bud analysis

BKO1In flower bud analysis we dissect the buds in the leaf pits and the inflorescence in the developing strawberry plant. Under the microscope the stage of flower formation in these buds becomes clear. The meristems in the buds go through different growing stages from which we can tell if a bud is generative and therefore can become a flower truss in the following production year. Flower bud analysis gives an indication of the number of flower trusses that can be expected from the plants and tells you if the trusses will appear all together at once or one after the other.

The analysis can be executed on different plant types like A+plants, waiting bed plants and tray plants. Also fresh plants directly planted in the soil, plants with the prospect of a second culture and everbearers can be dissected. Two kinds of analysis are available. In a first only the development of the inflorescence will be evaluated. For junebearers the switch from vegetative to generative growth can be determined and the application of nutrients can be adapted perfectly to the development of the plants. In the second analysis the architecture of the entire plant will be determined. How many trusses do the plants potentially contain, where are these trusses located and is there a continuous growth of new trusses during the production phase? Dependent on the type of plant and the amount of work the following numbers of plants and prices are applied for flower bud analysis at Research Centre Hoogstraten.



Trayplant/Waiting bed/A+

Prospect for second culture

Fresh plant in soil

Number of plants 5 3 3 3

Analysis of inflorescence

Plant architecture

€ 50

€ 120

€ 80

€ 195

€ 80

€ 195

€ 80

 € 195

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