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tomaatTomato research at Research Centre Hoogstraten combines practical research with directly applicable results and  medium-termed research in themes such as pests and diseases, energy, water ...

As part of the segmentation of tomato varieties, each year  approximately 40 new varieties are tested and examined intensively for quality and production. Beef tomatoes, single tomatoes, vine and plum tomatoes undergo an annual screening. For this study Research Center Hoogstraten is equipped with large greenhouse sections in which each variety can be tested on a sufficiently large scale.

Growing technique is a second important theme. This topic embraces the search for new rootstocks, the comparison of different plant types or substrates, ...
The theme fertilization in tomato research involves mainly the reduction of drain current under the Manure Decree. In addition, the efficacy of new commercial fertilizers is tested on a regular base.

tomaatThe cultivation of fruit vegetables is very energy-intensive . To safeguard the profitability of the companies in the future, it is necessary to develop new, energy-saving methods and techniques. However, these important and necessary innovations often require large investments. Research Centre Hoogstraten considers it important to play a leading role and always tries to keep its infrastructure modern and progressive. The design of the new greenhouses makes a rapid implementation of new techniques possible in the future.

A crucial issue are diseases and pests. Research on biocontrol and management of major pests and diseases in tomato production is essential. The research focuses on the sustainability of the cultivation, for example searching for ways to reduce pesticide use.  As an example much more insight on the management of Botrytis in tomato cultivation was gained in a previous project. Our current research focuses on the control and management of Pepino Mosaic Virus, which is an extremely important disease in tomato crops.

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