• 30 Sep 2020: Workshop 'Duurzaam aardbei telen: energie en gewasbescherming'
    Locatie: Proefcentrum Hoogstraten
  • 14 Oct 2020: Workshop 'Opvang en hergebruik drain op trayvelden aardbei'
    Locatie: Proefcentrum Hoogstraten en demotelers

Anual report

Yearly the obtained trial results are collected in a year report, this counts for the culture of strawberry, pepper and tomato. The anual reports are for sale at the research centre and only available in the Dutch language. More information about the cost of one or more reports is available at the research centre.

Interested in one or several anual reports? Order them now with an e-mail, over the phone (+32 (0)3 315 70 52) or when you are in the neighberhood, acquire them in a visit at the research centre.

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