Working method

The advice from the Research Centre is best viewed as a total package. An intensive collaboration with the research team of the Research Centre ensures that relevant results are quickly translated into practice. Also practice on its parts provides innovative ideas for the strawberry research.

Initially our mission is to optimize the cultivation technique on the companies and therefore bring production and quality to a top level. Secondly, it is our goal to guide the development of het companies. A company with a good company structure is more resistant against all threats to the sector.

2-weekly visits
During het farm visits, all crops are inspected and advice is given about climate control, fertilization and irrigation, crop planning, chemical and biological protection, etc. A constant evaluation of the profitability of the cultivation techniques is discussed with the grower. 

Weekly visits
If desired, we can also visit your company weekly. This allows us to follow the crops better, making it possible to give more specific advice. Besides these basic features it is always possible to discuss other proposals with the advisor.
Our price for your company is viewed depending on the period of the year, the advice formula, the location, the specific company structure and the experience of the relevant advisor.

Project management and profitability calculations
In recent years there are several developments in cultivation techniques, crop systems, breeds etc. It is important when entering into new investments that is properly considered their impact on the company. As grower you regularly faces difficult choices in which professional and practical advice from us can provide more clarity for you. For new projects, investments/ company expansions, we can make the appropriate calculations. Sophisticated calculations can support the choice of an investment.

A number of actions in the project management are:
• A preliminary discussion
• Making possible crop planning
• Making profitability calculations, sales forecast (preliminary
• Inventarisation, prepare specifications
• Comparison and evaluation proposals
• Calculation required collection for rainwater and decontamination capacity

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