• 29 Aug 2019: Geleid bezoek tomaat
    Locatie: Proefcentrum Hoogstraten
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  • 18 Sep 2019: Workshop UV-C in aardbei
    Locatie: Proefcentrum Hoogstraten
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  • 4 Oct 2019: Start Event Recupa - Sluiten waterstroom trayveld aardbei
    Locatie: Van der Avoird Trayplant


voorlichting1Since the  foundation of Research Centre Hoogstraten in 1955 the strawberry growers in the region are backed up with professional advice and technical support. Over the years the service evolved and at the moment the research centre has its own professional consultancy team in the strawberry culture. Growers sign yearly contracts and profit from personal visits to their cultures and the given qualitative professional advice. The many years of experience of the Consultancy team and the close interaction with the ongoing research at the centre makes it possible to react in the correct and most effective fashion on observed problems and deficiencies in any strawberry cultivation.

Nowadays the Consultancy team consists out of 4 members. Do not hesitate to contact these professionals when problems or questions rise in your cultivation. They will give you aid and advice adapted to your specific cultivation and make sure that the culture can continue in the most optimal way possible.

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