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Membership Research Center Hoogstraten

 As member of Research Center Hoogstraten you will receive the following services:

  • Free advice over the phone
  • 1 visit at your company by Research center Hoogstraten
  • Access to the trials after making an appointment
  • Subscription to Proeftuinnieuws (21 ex./year)
  • Invitations to our activities
  • Posibilty of obtaining Year Reports of strawberry, tomato or bell pepper
  • Posibilty of obtaining access to extranet

Membership and the subscription for 'Proeftuinnieuws' are valid from January 1st to December 31st.

Inland   € 111 (incl. VAT)
Abroad  Growers of CLTV Zundert € 111 (incl. VAT)
Delivering to a Flemish coöperation € 159 (excl. VAT)
Others € 243 (excl. VAT)

Rates year reports Research Center Hoogstraten

Year reports can be requested at Research center Hoogstraten via the website or via info@proefcentrum.be. The price depends on different parameters and will be determined for every request. Members of Flemish coöperations, strawberry, tomato and pepper growers and members of Research center Hoogstraten gets a substantial discount. For strawberry growers, the year report strawberry is a part of the consulty contract.  


As member of the Research Center you can obtain acces to the exclusive part (Extranet) of our website. Extranet is only available on the Dutch part of the website. For more details it's required to contact the research center.

Extranet keeps the members informed about the recent developments in the research of strawberry, pepper or tomato. Trial set-ups and striking results regarding new varieties, cultivation techniques, nutrition, substrates, culture observations, warnings and changes regarding pest management are being uploaded to this platform. The latest results are being published in a monthly newsletter that is provided to the public through Extranet. The Consultancy team Strawberry keeps their clients up to date of the evolutions and evaluations of the culture through weekly overviews of their findings.

Interested in becoming a member of the research centre and to get access to extranet? Simply send us the following information through the contact form. Based on this information the correct price will be send to you, after the payment a user name and password will be mailed.

Name and Surname
Company name
Adress for correspondence
IBAN (International account number)
BIC (bank identification code)
connected at a coöperation? which? 

For which cultures do you want access on the extranet? 
None / Strawberry / Bell Pepper / Tomato / Consultancy Strawberry

Research Center Hoogstraten processes your personal data in accordance with its Privacy Statement. You can consult this here.

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