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1. Cooperation Hoogstraten

Financial support in working and investing costs by the cooperation and the group of membering growers. Furthermore cooperation Hoogstraten contributes in the budget for research in projects. Finally the cooperation supports the research centre with logistic aid and with the setup and execution of trials.


2. Flemish Government

The government supplies the centre with yearly working budgets and contributes in investments through ADLO an VLIF support.


3. Province of Antwerp
The province as well foresees a yearly budget as support in the general operation of the centre and contributes in investments.


4. CLTV Zundert
The auction of Zundert supports through financial interventions in investments.


5. IWT
The agency for Innovation through Science and Technology delivers budgets for multiple year lasting research projects.


6. Lava cv
Lava gives financial support in participating in the budget for research projects and by financing the A-actions in the GMO-research executed at PCH.


7. KBC
Bank and Insurances KBC foresees a financial support in the general operation of PCH. Furthermore the bank offers logistic support at several events.


8. Boerenbond
Boerenbond offers a yearly budget in the general operation. Also it contributes to the total budget of research project (IWT and other).


The European Fund for Regional Development has a financial input in Research Center Hoogstraten with support in investments (project Optiglas).


10. Interreg Flanders - Netherlands

Interreg Flanders - Netherlands contributes in the budget for the project Optiglas.




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